GRAIN (www.globalaudiology.org) is focused on helping to describe current audiological practices world-wide and to foster networking among stakeholders in hearing healthcare.
    We believe this initiative will help promote standardized audiological practices, to help educate consumers of audiological services, and to facilitate standardization of practice guidelines.

    The Need

    Audiology education and practice vary considerably across countries. In North America and some parts of Europe it is well developed and considered as an autonomous profession. However, in most part of the world Audiology is still in its infancy and seen as a technical area that is part of otolaryngology, acoustics and so on.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are over 360 million people with disabling hearing loss. It is suggested that over 80% of this population live in low and middle-income countries where there is very little access to any audiological services. Hence, there is much work to be done in audiology to bridge this inequality in education and access to services.
    Moreover, much can be learned even within the developed world comparing audiology practice across countries and taking inspirations from good working practices. We believe the first step in bridging this gap is to better understand the audiology education and practice and to connect audiologists across the world. Hence, this forum may play an important role in developing audiology globally.


    GRAIN will utilize two methods to accomplish its goal: (1) develop an internet website that provides information about audiology across the globe; and (2) recruit key individuals who will volunteer to serve as resource editors and key contact people for the region/country. The website will provide up to date information about audiology education and practice in the regions across the world.
    To make the work manageable the world will be further divided into five regions (i.e., Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania) and twenty-two sub-regions based on the United Nations classification.
    The project will work with the following structure:

    • Co-founders and Senior Editors (SE)
    • Regional Resource Editors (RRE)
    • Sub-Regional Resource Editors (SRRE)
    • Sub-Regional Contributors (SRC)

    Our Team

    Dr. Vinaya Manchaiah and Prof. Ross Roeser are the co-founders of this initiative and will also act as the Senior Editors.

    Dr. Vinaya Manchaiah currently holds the positions: Director of Audiology, Jo Mayo Endowed Professor, and Associate Professor of Audiology at Lamar University, Texas, USA. Dr. Manchaiah has worked in various clinical, teaching, research and administrative positions. He is the co-founder of Audiology India (NGO) and served as its president during 2011-15. He also served as the Board of Director of British Academy of Audiology. He has keen interest in travelling and so far visited 59 countries.

    Prof. Ross Roeser is the Howard B. and Lois C. Wolf Professor for Pediatric Hearing and also the Executive Director Emeritus of the Callier Center for Communication Disorders, University of Texas at Dallas, Texas, USA. Prof. Roeser is also the Editor-In-Chief of the International Journal of Audiology.

    The following are the Regional Resource Editors (RREs) and Sub-Regional Resource Editors (SRREs) :
    RegionRegional Resource Editor (RRE)Sub-RegionSub-Regional Resource Editor(SRRE)
    Bhavisha Parmar / Shannon O'Leary
    Eastern Africa-
    Middle Africa-
    Northern Africa-
    Southern AfricaShannon O'Leary
    Western AfricaMabel Adewale Hamrell
    AMERICASRoss Roeser
    Ross Roeser
    North America-
    CaribbeanCrystal Wiggins
    Central AmericaPatricia Castellanos de Munoz
    South AmericaLilian Felipe
    ASIADr. Vinaya Manchaiah
    Vinaya Manchaiah
    Central Asia-
    Eastern AsiaFei Zhao
    Southern AsiaSaradha Ananthakrishnan
    South-Eastern AsiaNaresh Durisala
    Western AsiaDr. Ahmad A. Alanazi
    EUROPEmelinaMelina WillemsEastern EuropeMadalina Georgescu
    Northern Europe
    Southern EuropeMelissa Cravo
    Western EuropeGriet Mertens
    OCEANIALouise CollingridgeJeanie Morrison-Low
    Louise Collingridge / Jeanie Morrison-Low
    Australias and New ZealandHelen Goulios
    Jeanie Morrison-Low
    MelanesiaDonna Carkeet
    MicronesiaSimone Punch
    PolynesiaSimone Punch


    If you have a great idea that you would love us to work on or just want to say hello, get in touch with us.