Melina Willems – Regional Resource Editor (EUROPE)


Melina Willems is an Audiologist, but also graduated as Speech Pathologist and Deaf Interpreter. Since 1995, she is a Lecturer at the Artevelde University College, Department of Speech Language Pathology & Audiology in Ghent / Belgium. She teaches audiology students on ear and vestibular pathology, screening audiology, diagnostic audiology and case studies. Her lectures are based on her 15 years of experience as an Audiologist working at 2 different University Hospitals in Brussels / Belgium. She combines this job with a job as Global Clinical Advisor for the Special Olympics Healthy Hearing Program, a program at which she volunteered as audiologist 16 years ago and never left it since.

She is co-founder of the Flemish Professional Society in Audiology in Belgium, where she had the role of Treasurer for 10 years. She is also founder of the Working Group on Audiology & Intellectual Disability under the wings of the European Federation of Audiology Societies (EFAS).
Next to the lectures she gives at the University College where she works, and the training to professionals all over the world in the light of her job with Special Olympics, she has lectured at different Audiology Programs in Europe, and has given presentations at several national and international conferences.

Tel: +32 478 612 304

She takes every opportunity - a conference, a meeting, and of course her holidays - to see as much from the world as possible. The different cultures, the different languages, the colors, the sounds, all those things stimulate her senses in a way they give her tons of energy, as well as the urge to travel even more.
Games and Family
When not travelling, she spends her time playing tennis, skiing.She also likes being surrounded by (new) friends and her lovely family.
Though she has not enough time left to volunteer a lot, she could not imagine not being part of the wonderful Special Olympics “family”. She admires all volunteers who help people in any way they can, and wishes she could do more for people in need.