Lilian Felipe – Sub-Regional Resource Editor (South America)

Lilian Felipe

Lilian Felipe worked as a PhD researcher in Health Sciences in the field of audiology and otoneurology in Brazil and The Netherlands. Experienced as a professor and lecture at many national and international conferences. She has long and depth education and experience in the field of audiology and vestibulogy. Her research interest are: audiology diagnosis and treatment, vestibular system (evaluation and treatment of dizziness), elderly, public/social health. Finalized her Post Doc in 2015.

Currently, she is coordinator and chair professor in Fluminense Federal University at the Speech Therapy and Audiology Department, with main research in audiology and vestibular disorders. She is member of the  Gerontology Department from Brazilian Geriatrics and Gerontology Society (SBGG). She is a regular lecturer, professor and organizer of symposia, workshops and teaching courses around Brazil about hearing and vestibular evaluation. She contributed with several original papers. And also responsible for master and graduation programs and supervises research projects working in collaboration and cooperation with other universities from Brazil and The Netherlands.

Tel: +55 (22) 2528-7168

She is a travel lover and has already visited several countries. Her aim is to know about different cultures, learn languages and meet people from all over the world.
Family Time
She loves to spend quality time with her family and friends.
She is also involved in voluntary work.She believes that this world turns and tomorrow she could need also some help and would like to have it with all kindness she does; And we are responsible from each other in this world, not just about persons, but also environment.